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Landlord:Mr Stephen Erswell

Travellers Inn
286 The Common
S35 9WP

0114 2468893

Game Night: Sunday

LandLords Message:
Hi, the travellers inn is now under new management. can i please check that dennis smith, mark jones, david hanstock and jason jones have all been submitted for regionals. thank you steve/deputy manager.

New Qualification Rules from 2014 / 2015 Season 1
(Started 2nd Feb 2014)
- All venues get 4 qualifiers.
- 1st to 3rd automatically and the 4th by way of a staggered play-off or a wildcard game of every player that has played 4 or more games.

Selected Year:

1  2  3  4  
PositionPlayerMembership NumberGames PlayedScore  
1.David Hanstock-13930
2Neville Jones-13850
3Brett Swift-13820
4Aubrey Jones-11780
5.thomas lemm-8590
6.Stephen Erswell-7360
7.Mark Jones-3210
8Amy White-3190
9Scott Watson-3140
10Jason Jones-3120
11.Adam Jones-4110
12.Jason Topham-170
13.Matt Sheldon-160
14Alex H-130